edgeworth delivering this bomb straight in ur face you uncool nerd


edgeworth delivering this bomb straight in ur face you uncool nerd


you really shouldn’t have

happy birthday to aoba, sei, and ren!!


People I love:

  • Troy Baker


i cant believe i bought THE shinji ikari for a price of $9.99


perusona foh: da anehmayshun - ep 1


I always had friends by my side. And I even surprised myself… by how loudly I learned to laugh. "


Hello fishing friends!!

I wanted to do a few times before, for Yuki’s birthday and for tsuritama’s air-date anniversary but I missed both because I was too busy. So I’m doing it now! A tsuritama art giveaway! Hooray!!

This series really means a lot to me and it’s given me so much, including introducing me to a lot of amazing people that I’m happy to call my friends today. So this is sort of my way of giving back!

Winner will receive:

tsuritama print (11” x 17”)

a full set of tsuritama laminated charms

both Hemingway and DUCK pins (2.25”)


You don’t have to be following me (though it would be nice), just be a fan of tsuritama!!

Other than that, the standard rules apply. Likes and reblogs count. If it gives a note, it counts. You can reblog however many times you want as long as you don’t do something lame like spam or use giveaway/dead side blogs. 

Have your ask box open. Random number generator will be used to determine the winner!

Also, this is an international giveaway, I’ll ship wherever! As long as you’re willing to give me an address.

Giveaway ends May 4, 8:00 PM EST. Good luck and happy fishing :)


Leaked Image of Minato’s P4U redesign.


Leaked Image of Minato’s P4U redesign.


In honor of me turning 21 tomorrow, I decided to do a shiny Pokemon giveaway! I hope to the winners that they enjoy it as much as I do giving these babies a new home!

Rules for entering:

  1. Like and reblog as much as you want, but no giveaway blogs
  2. Don’t have to be following me but it’d be appreciated

For the winners(if this gets any notes that is)

  • First place: First choice of 3 shinies
  • Second place: Second choice of 2 shinies
  • Third place: Third choice of 1 shiny

Giveaway ends by 4/23 at 2 PM EST, winners will be chosen that day or next

Be safe and have fun. :)